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ClearStream Micron XG Indoor DTV Antenna with In-Line Amplifier Kit

Price: $99.99

Sale Price: $30.00

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Condition: New - Open Box
Shipping: Standard $7.25

This is the Antennas Direct ClearStream Micron XG Indoor DTV Antenna with In-Line Amplifier Kit. Designed for digital TV frequencies, the heightened gain performance of the ClearStream Micron XG is achieved with the ClearStream Micron Reflector and the Micron Variable In-Line Amplifier Kit. The In-Line Amplifier offers +20dB gain and with the added Micron Reflector, the ClearStream Micron XG is the most powerful compact antenna in the world.  The Micron’s efficient, compact design offers excellent gain and impedance matching across the entire DTV spectrum. The ClearStream Micron XG is superior to existing compact antennas for receiving UHF DTV signals as well as having good directivity on all UHF DTV frequencies. The Micron XG is optimized for the UHF band, but should provide nominal reception of high VHF band signals for customers in stronger signal areas. This item is brand new in opened retail packaging, packaging may have damage. Why Pay Retail PRices? Buy Online Today.

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