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Mystery Box Of Random Stuff

Price: $125.00

Sale Price: $13.00

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Condition: Mysterious
Shipping: Standard $7.25

This is the Mystery Box of Random Stuff!   Each Mystery box will consist of atleast 4 items. Most of the stuff  will be for computers and laptops, ipods, iphones, usb devices, small gadgets,  ipod accessories, all kinds of different cables, stuff for the kitchen, stuff for electronics,  lots of stuff for  cell phones,  stuff for college students, accessories for cameras and camcorders, stuff for wii, xbox360, ps3 and a whole lot more.  The "stuff" will be completely random.  There is a lot of variety in every mystery box.  The Suggested Retail value of all this "stuff" is over $125.00.  If you don't like the "stuff" you receive, just sell it on amazon marketplace/ebay and make a few bucks!  The condition of the items are new in retail packaging,  new in bulk packaging, new in open box or in open box.   As always, Why Pay Retail Prices?  Buy Online Today!   Customers are limited to 2 mystery boxes per order.

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